Sunday, January 08, 2006

House Blessings

It is customary for the priest to bless the homes of the faithful during the season of Theophany. Please contact Fr Christopher this week to set up a time (by phone 604-309-6871 or email if you wish to have him come to bless your apartment, house or student residence. It is through the blessing of our homes with holy water that we are able to renew our life in Christ that has been given us through the holy waters of baptism!

To prepare your home or residence for blessing please do the following:
First, please ensure that all stereos, computers, tvs or other possible distractions are turned off and that lights are turned on in all of the rooms that are to be blessed.
Second, an icon or a cross, a lighted candle, a clearly printed list of the names of family members (both living and departed) for whom prayers are to be offered and holy water (some will be provided if you have none from this year's Feast) should all be placed on a table in a central place in your home or residence.
Third, all family members should be home to gather around the icon and be ready to particpate in the rite of blessing the home (having friends present is a blessing as well).

May God bless you richly with the joy of the season!

Your servant in Christ,
the priest Christopher


Anonymous mark-with-a-beard said...

i'm excited!!

3:30 a.m.  
Blogger The Pleasant Peasant said...

hmm, maybe i should clean my dorm now... :P

3:44 p.m.  

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